Terrycloth, or simply toweling fabric is a fabric with loops that can absorb large amounts of water. It can be manufactured by weaving or knitting. The composition of Terrycloth is usually 100% cotton, but it sometimes it also contains polyester.

Since the composition of the Terry cloth is most of the time 100% cotton there is a risk of discoloration of the product. Most discoloration will occur when exposing the Terry cloth fabric to direct sunlight, sea water, or when it is frequently washed.

Within the cotton Terry qualities we have 2 kinds of colors

1. Reactive colors –> The cotton fabric is colored with a chemical bond. Because of this strong chemical bond these fabrics are particularly suitable for fabrics that often needs to be washed, but the colors are subject to discoloration by washing, sunlight, chlorine etc.
The colorfastness and sunlight resistance can be tested. Generally we can say that cotton in reactive color has a light fastness of up to 4 on a scale of 10. Most of the Terry cloth fabrics are made in reactive colors.

2. Indanthrene colors –> The cotton fabric is colored with a synthetic dye method. This special way of coloring the 100% cotton towel fabric results in a quality that has a higher sun light solidity and a quality that can be washed without fading very fast. In generally we can say that a Terry cloth made in an Indanthrene color has a sun light solidity of 7 on a scale to 10.

Within our fabric range we have various colorways and qualities of Indanthrene colored Terrycloth fabrics.

General directions for use and washing for terry cloth products.
For washing your terry cloth products and bath mats we advise you to use exclusively liquid Color washing soap. It is advisable not to use fabric softener for the terry products and bath mats. Dark colours should be washed separately for the first three times and should never be washed in combination with bright colours or synthetic fibres. 

After washing your bath mats please pull it into original shape and iron light/delicate on indicated (.) level.

Do not wash bath mats with put on embroideries above the 30○ degrees.
Do not cut-off outstanding loops or threads.

For further directions please take a look at the directions for use label on the